Me and my Blog

What’s your thoughts on Gypsy Travelling?

for me, it’s looking at ‘Blue Skies through Rose Coloured Glasses’

with some extra bits in between!

I hope to share some fun places, spaces and thoughts!  I also hope to entice you to some of the most amazing times that we have had and seen, mainly in the top end of Australia – Outback I guess.

“Planes, Trains and Automobiles!”

also comes to mind when I think of travelling

this movie makes me smile!

Naming and Shaming!

By the way, my name is Annette and my husband’s name is Barry, we have 3 daughters and 3 grandsons and a beautiful grand daughter!

Where we are from

We originally came from the Gippsland region of Victoria, with many family members still remaining so that we can visit! This was very thoughtful of them!

Where we are going

2014  was  a year of big changes in our family dynamic, the obvious is children get older and becoming more independent, this is just a natural and inevitable part of life – doesn’t mean we have to like all aspects of this, also the vast distances of this country making actual contact less. This should give us more opportunities to travel and visit, don’t you think?

2015 saw us travelling between Townsville, Brisbane, Katherine and Darwin on numerous occasions.

With 2015 closing, we have many thoughts on how our 2016 is going to look, more about that in my blog! But for now we are certainly happy that our eldest daughter Stefanie, has decided to move from Katherine back to Darwin as there is no future in staying where she was. She will also benefit in having her younger energetic, outgoing sister Ellen, close by!

2016 moving forward has seen us actually becoming more like Gypsies with our Van and the open road. we have had 2 major trips, the Kimberley of course! and a trip through QLD,NSW and Victoria before a well earned break through western Victoria through SA and up to Darwin again. We will be taking another trip this year which will start us with a short visit to Victoria then West bound along the Nullabor, having a hit of golf along the way. Through the Margaret River Region the up the coast through to the Kimberley AGAIN, wow I love that place 😍


Some of my writing 

Katherine Adventures
Going Home

Why I want you to visit

So with this blog, I hope for you to sit back and relax, dream of far away places and smile 😊


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