I struggle with how I see Katherine in 2015. So this past 6 weeks I have made it a mission to find

Pockets of Katherine’

My mission is to capture a photograph on my IPhone that may interest the average tourist to explore past the unappealing  Main Street of this town.

The feature photograph of the railway bridge, is one of my favourites. This shot was taken from the town boat ramp – a place that I had never been or even knew existed! It gave me a new perspective of the 2  bridges and the river, in particular of how much water runs through there in the wet, most years nearly up to the deck of both bridges.

The hot springs and the low level nature park are usually a cool place to be, to relax and maybe swim! Bats have colonised in and around the river, so love them or loathe them, I guess they are there to stay.

The railway line from Alice Springs to Darwin was completed in 2003. On January 17, 2004, the first freight train rumbled through Katherine at the ungodly hour of EARLY! I think we got to the bridge over the tracks just in time to see it in all its colourful glory pull out of Katherine station! It was a sight burned into my memory forever!

Around the town, there seems to be a sense of humour, which reflects in people’s gardens! The one that is held close to my heart was the garden on Zimmin Drive with my all time favourites – ‘Minions’!  No more needs to be said😉

WIldlife life in the town is abundant and varied, bird life is also prolific. Barry snapped a photo of the blue winged kookaburra on the clothesline. This species isn’t as noisy as their southern cousins, which is just as well!  The kites (Hawks) above whistle consistently while checking the ground for food – don’t leave your small pets outside unsupervised, they may not be there when you return😳 Other birds include curlews, plovers, peewees, bower birds and others that I have nicknamed meow birds (they meow while scavenging for food in the long grass) and pheasants, not sure whether they are actually pheasants or just look like one! There are lots of different lizards, of all shapes and sizes including the snapping handbags😳 You better believe they are all through the Katherine river, including the gorge and Edith Falls. A menagerie of little critters around your home including  Geckos, large and small, certainly can chirp up a storm in the middle of the night (usually inside).

Also along the Katherine River is Knotts Crossing, this spot is nestled behind the hospital and is easily missed if not informed of the turnoff. A lovely spot to cool off, frequented by the locals with their children. Still need to be on guard for crocodiles in this area as it is still the north of the NT.
We have ridden here a few times in the past few weeks, it is a great spot to have a drink and relax. The sound of the water naturally running over the crossing is soothing and gives you a sense space and quiet.


The Information Centre is situated at the target end of the Woolworths complex and has lots of information about the area and is probably the only reason apart from fuel and groceries to be in that part of town!

quick tip for gray nomads staying in one of the towns caravan parks, best to set up camp, disconnect your van then go get fuel WITHOUT your van! Just saying as there is always major congestion on the roundabout at the woollies petrol station.

I guess the most important place Katherine has to offer is the Gorge, this is a must for all that visit Katherine along with a gorge cruise. Katherine Gorge is truly one of the prettiest gorges I have ever seen, and yes I have seen a few!

I took this shot a few years ago on our cruise up the       Katherine Gorge!

I hope I have inspired you just a little bit, even if it is just a day out of your journey of the top end, to visit a spot and rediscover ‘Pockets of Katherine’

as always



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