Our weekly writing challenge is Digging for Roots

For the eternal traveller, do I feel like I have roots? If that means I am somehow planted somewhere for the rest of my life, then no is the answer. I do however feel grounded in my country and feel free to roam its vastness and greatness.

I have travelled around this country, following my husband’s work for nearly 29 years, a true measure of commitment on both our parts! As we look to the end of his career, we are faced with what we are going to do with the rest of our lives, hopefully another long stretch of time!

My children have grown and are living their own lives, which is great to see that our meanderings have not totally put them into a disfunctional state of mind! I want to explore further into this beautiful country. Examine why we all live the way we do, some still in the state of ‘Groundhog Day’, but that is their choice, their comfort zone so to speak.

I like to move forward, in my thinking and in my living. Things that have happened in my youth are all great, great memories and great for what they were back then. However, I don’t think I could live the same way as then, or even the same as 10 years ago for that matter – things change, some for the better, some not so good, but I still like that forward perpetual motion, to find out what might be around the corner, over the horizon.

This may seem that I am looking for something better, but I am not!

I just love the discovery – this is ME!

As always


6 thoughts on “Digging for Roots

  1. Glad I got to follow you from Blogging101, Annette 🙂 You have such a positive attitude about change and moving forward. Not always easy to do, and for most of us, scary too! Look forward to reading more on your blog.

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  2. This post is full of challenge to move and find out, explore and invent; , great enthusiasm found in this post I find it refreshing, renewing and hungry for new experiences thanks for sharing makes one want to do likewise, too often we get stuck in the past and it is refreshing to hear how moving towards the future can be so magical and full of the adventure of the unknown; great post again kind regards kathy.

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    1. Thanks Kathy 😊
      Even though we travel around a lot with my husband’s work, I still felt that we had somehow planted roots, maybe not in the traditional sense, but definitely feel grounded in our lives😊

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