Salad Days! daily prompt



Ahhhh! When I think of the good old days, it reminds me of a time spent on family outings, camping, surf fishing and swimming – it brings lots of color and lightness to my mind.

The beach was a natural place to be, golden bodies, or in my case, little red lobster, pristine water abundant with swimmers and paddlers alike, sand hot but soft under toe, real family time!

Getting ready to travel to the beach as a kid seemed like a big deal! It seemed to take HOURS for my parents to get ready and have the car packed, really? ‘How hard could this be!’ Once we were finally on the road, this also seemed like an eternity just to get there, noting the landscape and points of interest along the way. It was always a mad panic on who could say that they could ‘see the sea’ first as we came to the top of the hills that surrounded our valley!

Once there, large sun umbrellas decked the beach with sandy towels and bags scattered lonely underneath. Placed there in the scurry to get in the cooling salty waters that lapped up onto the golden sand for our skin to soak up, the latter also proving to be a bad choice in later years!

Dad, always set up down the beach a bit further with my grandfather ‘Opa’ to surf fish. We grew up eating lots of fish and I still love it – didn’t know then there were so many different types to choose from as I do now!

We would spend the whole day swimming, fishing, building sand castles and generally goofing off! It never occurred to me then that those hours spent on the beach, would form my Salad Days

As the sun was nearly setting, our day would end with a satisfaction and contentment only water can bring, the sound, feeling and smell all melded into my mind of happiness💞

5 thoughts on “Salad Days! daily prompt

  1. An Aussie childhood, it was good, wasn’t it? Love your header photo of Horseshoe Bay; have a friend who taught down the road form Broome, in the Kimberleys. Thanks for checking out my blog!

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    1. Thanks! It was great growing up in Australia as a kid! I wasn’t aware the painting was of Horshoe Bay! The last 16 years we have been going to Broome for holidays and never made that connection! Thanks for stopping by😊


      1. sorry! not the people on the beach painting, the photo- red, red sand, vivid turquoise water and mangroves- has to be Broome, from the hotel.
        Is it called the Mangrove? I’ve sat there looking over that scene in the evening.

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