The Windmill

The Windmill

On the land there is an existence of loneliness and near silence, the only noise being the squeaky hinge of the windmill as it rotates furiously in the warm breezes of the outback, creating some sort of life, a life you and I can only imagine.

This land keeps secret, a secret that is only known to the few who have lived in the confines of this country’s harshness. Hidden under the dry and arid dirt are the unseen basins of water. These lucky few whom know of this secret,  also know where to plant the bore for the water to be pumped up via the power of the humble Windmill. The Windmill, a lonely tower of power, enables the pump  to fill the empty cracked troughs so that the animals upon this land, can drink – sustain life.

This photo was captured in Pine Creek,  a mostly understated outback town, 45mins to an hours drive north of Katherine in the Northern Territory of Australia. I look in wonder every time I see a tall and weather beaten Windmill along  empty roadways, sometimes with a mob of emus pecking its dusty earth around. The usual look is of solitude, maybe a hint of ruggedness. Whatever it is, it always sparks my imagination of what this country is about, the true harsh reality.

Then I think, why is this particular Windmill here? Surely this town has running water, pipes underground connected so that the town is not in need of this contraption. This town certainly has modern conveniences, although a little shy of big cities, but certainly a tap which can be turned on with a reasonable amount of pressured water.

The Windmill is here in this town as an icon, an icon that is still in use across this country. It is here to show us that we should not take things for granted and that we must work hard for our luxuries, an icon of a day gone by. It gives me comfort to know our past and future are intertwined, old and new – both still needed.

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2 thoughts on “The Windmill

  1. Past and future entwined ; how lovely that you acknowledged this and also the respect for the past is clearly visible in your post , lovely how your words show this . Kind Regards Kathy.


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