What do I see outside my window?

Finally, the last view to reveal – the front view from my lounge room – the solitude view, the hidden neighbours, the lure of a greenland beyond my ground with the mailIMG_4913 storage for the local mailman for easy loads, not forgetting the pathway alongside my lot.

When I wake in the mornings, sleepy eyed, yawning with arms outstretched, my routine is to let the light in! Opening curtains, doors and windows. Greeting Cody (our dog) with her happiness shining through, glad I am awake!

If I take this pathway alongside my lot, as I usually do, it reveals beautiful parkland full of a myriad of activities with nature abundant. CertaIMG_4130inly a beautiful place to go and breath the air, enjoying the sunshine, it helps!

Writing and crocheting helps the mood to swing, letting the light in, lightens my life! Beautiful scenes, eclectic thoughts of people as they run by – what are they listening to? (With the plugs firmly planted in their ears) What are they running from? Where are they running to? None of these are my business, but my thoughts are my own!

Ducks with their ducklings, feverently swimming, diving deep for morsels to eat, waiting for the children to come to the waters edge to feed them their bread.

Turtles too, are along these banks, and if you start feeding, you will find hundreds will appear!

Pelicaaustpel_art_5156_bigns, keeping a vigilant watch, just in case there is something that may be of their delight!

There are beautiful scenes throughout, and as I walk or ride, I feel all burdens disappear. Our country has so much to offer just for free. The first step is to go outside and greet the light!

When I started blogging about travels and meanderings, I never thought I would just ramble on about things like ‘what’s outside my window’ daily thoughts of what is beautiful, not just the touristy things to do. Yes I will still write about our trips of beyond, but I think I will also take about daily thoughts of my beautiful environment.


As Always



5 thoughts on “Outside my Window?

    1. Thankyou for reading! Yes here in the tropics of Australia it has an abundance of sunshine. But you know, I have been to Europe in the winter months and thought how beautiful it is😊💞


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