Today was a bit of fun with Barry trying out his new GoPro

(well not so new, just not used very much)!

 We normally go for a ride around the Ross River bike/walking paths, which are part of Townsville’s initiative for the 10,000 steps healthy lifestyles.

There are many areas and directions to go, with lots and lots of parkland and playgrounds. Activities for young and old – fishing, feeding the ducks and turtles, there are dedicated parks with mini gym equipment circuits, for those on a death wish! Or just bird and nature watching!

The temperature here is way more tolerable to be more active outside in the fresh air, so riding a bike with a throttle is pretty easy!!

So I hope you enjoy our little ‘Meanderings’ with ‘Blue Skies through Rose Coloured Glasses’

Check out the next instalment, the Strand HERE

Cya for now


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