*Katherine Adventures – Going Home

 This is a follow on story from Katherine Adventure! Please check it out first 😊


It was absolutely great to see the children! The grandsons were on their best behaviour and I think that we had a pretty good time together. It was ever so hot though, I struggled with it and an aircon that was also struggling. The boys were off to school each morning, which meant I pretty much had the day to do as I pleased – not much in 42C heat and humidity of a build up season, thats for sure! Just a bit of washing and shopping for food mainly, but it did give me time to checkout blogging101 and create the look of my page to my liking😜



As I had had lots of work done on my achillies with the podiatrist and my back not quite being right after the recent injury, the stairs of the the high set house was a challenge every day.

Stef came every evening with Shadow (our greyhound) for company, tea and assistance with the boys for bed time ritual and lunch making for the following day! Jay, our eldest grandson, was amazing! he would get up in the morning and get his and Noah’s breakfast, ensure the lunches were in their bags, feed the animals – all before I had my coffee! geez wish my kids were like that in the day!!

The time came to an end with Jaimie arriving on Monday around lunchtime with the little smiling munchkin, Cameran, also feeling the heat after the week in freezing Wagga!

For the last night, we went to Knotts Crossing had a swim with the boys and then had dinner at the Savannah Restaurant. The food was really yummy and highly recommended. The boys were also catered for with colouring in, pencils, erasers and sharpeners! they of course had spaghetti!

The next morning, I was awoken with a message from Stef to say that Shadow had been let out of the gate, being a grey, she would have bolted. Greys are not ‘sniffing my way round’ kinda dog, they are ‘look at that, I must follow’ kinda mentality, until they are totally lost. To tell you the truth, this was the most terrible way to start my last day with my family in Katherine.


Shadow, like all greyhounds, really feel the heat and suffer quickly. We spent all morning driving around, hoping against hope to find her.



Stef doesn’t live very far from the river, also knowing that greys cannot swim, and there are more crocodiles in that river than the average tourist may realise, my concerns were of sickening proportions.

It was soon time for me to catch the bus to Darwin, but my thoughts were with Shadow, ‘where are you girl, are you ok, has someone taken you or taken you in to take care of you – where are you??’😥

The bus trip was without incident, taking the full 4 hours and now dropping at the bus depot at the end of Darwin – wish they would make up their mind where they want to have their depot, that was the 3rd one that I was aware of in the time I lived in Darwin.

I walked through to the Value Inn on Mitchell street, which by the way, is opposite to the original bus terminal, but still does the airport shuttle from there! I checked in and booked my shuttle ticket for 5 am to get me there for 6 am check in at the airport. The room was tiny, but functional for the price and within stones throw of everything I needed – sustenance!

I watched a bit of TV and a check of any new news in regards to the whereabouts of Shadow, however, no good news to be had.

Throughout the night, I was woken temporarily by late arrivals or late cup day revellers, trying to enter their rooms, while talking quite loudly to each other down the hall – some mothers do have em!

Thank Barramundi I got a message through the night that Shadow was found😊💞

Mmmm I'm allowed on the bed???!!
Mmmm I’m allowed on the bed???!!


Woke up in Darwin at 3am to the bestest tropical storm. Apparently the first one of the season! The thunder and rain were very constant right up until I needed to catch the shuttle at 5am. I was a bit worried that I may have got drenched by the time I would walk to the shuttle. I needn’t have worried as it lightened up around that time for a short period of time.

When we finally pulled up at the airport, there was the biggest crack of lightening, that made the driver swear! I checked in to discover that Airnorth was delaying their flights due to their policy of not flying within 5 miles of lightening – at this stage it was around a 20 minute delay! Not too bad I guess😉

I went through security, again no bomb scan (score)!! I headed to Hungry Jacks and got a muffin breakfast – it actually wasn’t too bad with the coffee passing the taste test!

Finishing this off it was apparent there was a problem further than the current delays – it seemed some of the, gates weren’t able to be opened, probably something to do with that welcoming crack of thunder/lightning upon arrival to the airport!

Yes indeed there were problems, now all the qantas flights were being delayed, as their now was a refuelling fault – great😒- oh well, at least there are seats near my gate…..

Waiting, waiting , waiting (as Con the Fruiterer would say) boarding time came and went – the announcements continued with my flight not even registering on the departures board. I started to grow weary, hardly able to keep my eyes open, but after around an hour delay, we finally were allowed to board and take off.

I managed to keep my eyes open long enough for the hosties to serve a coffee, to which I quickly drank and went off into a light sleep all the way through to Townsville – never done that before 😉

In the back of my mind, I was trying to think of a tagline for my blog, many were going through my head, all really good ones that for the life of me now, I can’t remember! I settled on:


“Blue Skies with Rose Coloured Glasses”


The announcement came from the captain that we would be landing shortly and for cabin crew to prepare for landing….

OMB! I’m gonna have to get out of this state of twilight! I quickly turned the aircon vent directly on my face in an attempt to wake up!

Once diembarked, I walked down through the terminal to the luggage carousel, where all the while, I was hoping to see Barry, hoping that I didn’t have to drive home – albeit 15 mins, I was just so sleepy. I got to the carousel, where I was grappling for my phone, when there was a tap on my shoulder, a great wave of relief came over me, as I knew it was Barry💞


As always


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