*Katherine Adventure

Yay I’m going to Katherine to see the girls and look after my Grandsons while Jaimie and Cameran go to Mitchell’s Graduation Parade in Wagga.

Mitchell and Cameran at Graduation Parade
Mitchell and Cameran at Graduation Parade


After a night full of nightmares, I couldn’t wait for the light hours to arrive so that I could have a more relaxed hour and a half sleep.

I did finally get up and do all the normal mundane things – shower, breakfast procrastinate!  I also did the final touches of packing, ensuring all fitted into the smaller suitcase and in my new onboard luggage.


Cody (our dog), had been sensing something was happening.  Barry had been confined to work doing the normal training that is required for final evaluations, and I had those dreaded suitcases down out of the wardrobe! I tried to keep things pretty normal for her, even getting a pet service to come to our home to feed her, check mail, put bins out and water the pot plants, instead of loading her off to the kennels!  By the way, kennel cough is a big problem in Townsville, so we didn’t need her losing any more weight after last time when we first arrived in August. When we left Darwin, she weighed just shy of 5kg’s – when I got her to the vet with the cough, she weighed 3.5kg’s, not good.

After triple checking the security of doors and windows, giving Cody a final treat – which at that point she KNEW I was going, I placed the luggage in the car around 10am to drive to Barry’s work to say goodbye and catch a taxi from there to the airport.

I had used the new app on my iPhone the night before to book the taxi so I was a bit worried, as I hadn’t used it before or knew anyone that had. A taxi arrived at 10.55am and I assumed it was for me, although she was actually dropping someone off, it turned out it wasn’t my taxi and she would check on the radio for me. I needn’t have worried as within minutes my taxi did arrive and the app (Australia wide taxi) worked a treat! This app represents the 131008 taxi company. With me all loaded in the taxi, I was on my way to the airport! All of a $10 fare!

When I arrived at the airport, I checked my luggage and headed through the security where, for the first time in years, my bangle set off the alarm! So off it came and was put in a tray all on its own, with another tray on top. I’m glad I was through to collect it as the man on the other side just saw it as an empty tray and was about to put it away, I would’ve made him go through every stack if that had of happened, I’m telling you!

Through security, and also for the first time in ages, I wasn’t picked for the explosives test! “Le Sigh”

Caffeine at last! Although I needn’t have bothered, it was just like usual, “Airport Crap”

With about 30 minutes to kill, I headed to the newsagency and got a journaling book and magazine for the plane trip to Darwin.

Travel Journal - Pretty Cool!
Travel Journal – Pretty Cool!

I wandered up the escalators to my boarding gate and watched my plane be loaded and fuelled. As I was watching the baggage handler load the luggage onto the conveyer belt, I was thinking that he was being very considerate and thoughtful of how he handled them, that was until he came to mine 😡 “F -WIT” stumbled out of my mouth with NO shame!

Our boarding call came, and we were all boarded in fairly good time!  We took off on time and were now off into the clear blue skies over Townsville and Magnetic Island! It is a stunning view when taking off in that direction😊

I was one of the lucky ones with no seat buddy, which meant I could spread my stuff out a little without annoying anyone! There was a screaming baby in the seat in front of me, nothing like earphones and loud music (Pink) to drown that one out! I do feel for the parents, as there is no consoling a wanderlust child all chained up in one spot! I gotta give it to the two hostesses on this plane, they entertained two toddlers and did all the other stuff as well! They were amazing!

Lunch was served, I settled for pasta, which wasn’t too bad as far as plane food goes! As my stomach has been a bit icky of late, I could barely eat 3 spoonfuls, no matter, the coffee was slightly better than the airport coffee I had earlier! Something I did notice was that I could fit more than comfortably behind the seat tray when down – something I haven’t been able to do for a long time either😜

By this time, I was becoming emotional, probably the anticipation of seeing my children and grandchildren – or just menopause! Who knows! Sunglasses looking out the window is normal? Right??!!?

After about an hour into the flight, I was feeling a bit better, I noticed that we were coming up towards a coastline, which made me wonder where we were??! It dawned on me that we were heading over the gulf of Carpentaria – it made sense then😜

I was by then wondering whether the girls could keep a secret from the boys, by not letting on that I was coming to look after them for the week! (Turns out they overheard Stef telling someone at the shops)

Landing in Darwin at this time of year is always a bit hair raising due to the build up air pockets and thermals😳 – finally safely on the ground!

After cuddling and cheek pinching the boys, I picked up my baggage off the carousel and we were off to the apartments in Darwin City for the night.

We had a swim in the pool before getting ready to go out for dinner at the Jetty. We met up with Ellen and Fin, here we had a great night before heading back to the apartments for  a restful night sleep before the 3 hour journey back to Katherine the next day.



For now, I have a whole week with 2 of my 3 beautiful boys and Stef to keep me company and let me know when the boys are telling me  whoppies

CYA for now💞💞


a follow up story can be found at the following link:- Going Home


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