*Katherine Show Day

Yesterday began like all others, what do I need to do before I am ready to go out??!!

It was Show Day, and I was tagging along with the family so as I could look after Cameran while they all had a ride or two! I am not a fan of the rides and enjoy just looking around and seeing the kids faces on those scary rides! Some where more tame than others, and they were the ones I could actually get a shot of!

bubble walking   Bubble walking          While the boys thought it was great Bubble walking, I think that they were a bit cold afterwards because they weren’t expecting to be wet!

they had been on the Dodgem Cars and of course the Cha Cha! The look on Noah’s face is priceless! He just cannot contain his excitement. Jay does always want to go on the fast and furious rides, and to his credit persists! However, the rides do not like him and his look is also priceless in a different way! 😦

   Bazinga   This shot just reminds me of that episode of ‘The Big Bang Theory’! I think we all know which one I mean!!


     The boys got the idea of climbing the wall, however there were a few moments of being frozen!

Cameran was just a good little boy with hardly a peep out of him!

Somewhere in the day, we actually did sit down and eat! But during this time of sitting, the V8 Utes started up and had the boy’s ears pricked for our next adventure! 

All in all a great day was had with no tantrums or hissy fits! ♥





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